Industrial & Commercial Lightning Protection

Protect your most valuable assets with market leading lightning suppression technology

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Advanced Lightning Protection 

The CMCE Lightning Suppressor, effective against lightning and other forms of electromagnetic pulses, is the only device that prevents lightning from developing within its spherical area of protection. With installations worldwide utilizing this technology — and no reported strikes to protected structures in over 15 years — the CMCE Lightning Suppressor is positioned to be the new standard in global lightning protection.

100% effective lightning prevention

No power required

Water proof, explosion proof and weather resistant

10-year manufacturer warranty

Maritime Lightning Protection

Equip your marine vessel with the most advanced lightning protection device.

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CMCE Lightning Suppressor operating Principles

When a thunder storm approaches, passes over, and recedes, negative charges amassed at the base of the storm cloud repel the negative charges on Earth. The ground, natural and man made structures become positively charged through induction. The positive charges, attracted to the negative charges, ascend and accumulate near the tips, corners and edges of natural and man made structures. The air at these points ionize and propagate upward streamers. Should an upward streamer connect with a downward step leader it completes a circuit – resulting in a rapid release of energy – lightning! Damage ranges from minimal to catastrophic. The technological innovation of the CMCE Lightning Suppressor creates and maintains a balanced electric environment within its spherical area of protection. CMCE Operation


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