Stop Lightning Before It Strikes.

EMP Defense is a distributor of the CMCE Line of Lightning Suppressors.  This advanced technology surpasses anything on the market. The Five and Six Capacitor Systems balances the electromagnetic field and eliminates the factors that cause lightning.

100% effective lightning prevention

No power required

Water proof, explosion proof and weather resistant

10-year manufacturer warranty

Imagine The Heavy Industrial World Without Lightning

No more destroyed electronics and instrumentations, or plant process equipment. No more lost production to industrial process units in petro-chem, power generation, steel manufacturing, and other plants. Eliminate unexpected plant shutdowns and loss of industrial assets, such as fuel storage tank farms, power distribution transformers, etc., due to lightning damage. Most importantly, lightning protection increases safe work conditions for people, our most important asset.

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  • Marine Vessels/Ports
  • Drill Rigs/Offshore Platforms
  • Oil & Gas/LNG
  • Power Generation
  • Government/Military
  • Wind/Solar Energy
  • Sporting/Recreational
  • Communication/Data Centers
  • Airports/Mass Transit
  • Mining & Metals
  • Medical/Care Facilities
  • Nuclear Power Generation
CMCE lightning suppression device overlaid on industrial landscape
Installation of lightning suppressor on pole


Mobile Rental Units and Temporary Installation

The CMCE trailer model is designed for use at sporting events, construction “laydown yards” and construction structures, and other related uses.

Leasing Options

Our leasing option offers a lease term for up to 60 months, and includes costs of device and installation.


Each installation we perform is customized to the subject site, and can involve installation of a new grounding system, or a tie-in to an existing grounding system. We can provide labor or supervise facility approved labor and certify the installation to meet manufacturer guidelines.


Annual inspections are required to meet manufacturer warranty guidelines and ensure that the device is functioning properly.

Testing and Maintenance

Device testing and maintenance entails ground resistance testing and ensuring a Milliamp (mA) flow from the device into a grounding system. We perform maintenance of the grounding systems as they age to ensure the device is still functioning properly

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