Residential Lightning Protection

Residential Lightning Protection

Protect your home from lightning related damage by eliminating the factors that cause lightning – before it strikes.

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Protect Your Residential Property From Lightning Related Damage

Fires resulting from lightning strikes can cause costly and devastating damage to your property. Protecting your property from lightning strikes can help prevent damage to electrical systems, structure, roofing, electronic assets, as well as ensuring personal safety.

Residential Fire Resulting From Lightning Strike


Residential Lightning Suppressor

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CMCE55 Residential Lightning Suppressor - EMP Defense


180ft (55m) Radius


9.5h x 6w inches


5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)


No power required


CMCE25 Coverage

Model: CMCE25

Coverage Radius: 82ft (25m)

Example: 2,900 sqft home

CMCE55 Coverage

Model: CMCE55

Coverage Radius: 180ft (55m)

Example: 104,000 sqft property

CMCE25 Coverage

Model: CMCE120

Coverage Radius: 393ft (120m)

Example: 483,000 sqft property

Residential Lightning Strike Damage

Residential Lightning Strike Damage

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