Maritime Lightning Protection

Maritime Lightning Protection

Equip your marine vessel with the most advanced lightning protection device.

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Protect Your Marine Vessel from Lightning Strikes

Whether on a mooring, at anchor, dockside, or afloat, watercrafts are a prime target for lightning strikes. It doesn’t take a seasoned sailor to know that storms are especially dangerous on the open water. A vessel struck by lightning is often likely to sink, causing even greater damage than that occuring from the lightning strike itself. Even if a strike does not sink a vessel, the hazards posed can injure crew members and leave them with no form of communication.

Removed Conventional LPS

The Captain of the Fortius displays the conventional lightning rod which, after two consecutive lightning strikes resulting in the loss of navigation and other electrical equipment, failed to protect the yacht from direct lightning strikes.


Maritime Lightning Suppressor

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CMCE120 Commercial Lightning Suppressor - EMP Defense


6-Modified Capacitors


180ft (55m) Radius


101,787 sq. ft


9h x 6w inches


5.1 lbs. (2.31 kg)


No power required

Ground Connection Diagram

  1. New bar 15 x 49 cm
  2. New bar 7.5 x 31 cm
  3. Existing bar 6 x 19.6 cm
  4. Existing bar 6 x 19.5 cm
Diagram showing ground connection to CMCE device

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