Lightning Suppression Devices Deliver Real Time Property and Life Risk Protection

Lightning Suppression Devices

Packaging real time monitoring, analytics and visualization for Passive Lightning Suppression Devices

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/

EMP Defense, in partnership with Digital Business Creations and MONNIT Corporation, have completed the design stage of a Proof of Concept (POC) transforming EMP Defense’s CMCE lightning suppression products into a packaged Internet of Things (IoT) dynamic devices.

The POC will demonstrate how packaging sensors and communication modules around the CMCE lightning suppression device will enable businesses and individuals to monitor and capture data analytics in real time. The POC will also demonstrate how the device, when connected to an IoT Analytics Hub provided by Digital Business Creation and monitoring sensors provided by MONNIT®, becomes a valuable risk mitigation tool to prevent significant loss of property and life, and improve their risk profile with insurers potentially decreasing insurance costs.

According to David Organek, National Sales, EMP Defense LLC, “The CMCE120 Lightning Suppressor, the primary model deployed in commercial and industrial installations, is a passive system that continuously balances the protected areas electromagnetic field — draining excess current harmlessly into the ground — eliminating upward streamers — and preventing the development of lightning within a 393 ft radius. Up until now, the only way to confirm a device was performing as designed is to attach a clamp meter to the ground wire and observe the readout.”

POC components include: sensors; communications; PV (Photovoltaics) Solar power source with battery backup; optional AC (Alternating Current) feed; real-time monitoring, alerts and data feeds to existing dashboards; data models, feeds and integration; mobility; analytics hub and dashboard; reports; visualization; and potential for third party data sources.
Dennis Steckler, CEO, of Digital Business Creations stated, “this real-time packaging of lightning suppression, sensors and data analytics redefines risk management and safety for industrial, commercial, residential and marine entities.”

The next phase involves programming, data gathering, event filtering, transmission, data modeling, dashboard design, and visualizations. Field tests are scheduled for mid-summer 2018 and will be used to demonstrate the feasibility and value to Beta Clients.

With the POC objectives in place, EMP Defense and partners will demonstrate the feasibility and value of packaging sensors, communication modules, and real-time data analytics around the CMCE lightning suppression devices. “We are delighted to partner with EMP Defense and Digital Business Creations to demonstrate the power of real-time detection and monitoring, not just on risk reduction but on actual risk avoidance, stated Eric Tua’one, Global Enterprise Sales Manager, Monnit®”.

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To participate as a Beta Client, email David Organek, Dennis Steckler or Eric Tua’one

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