KIRK: What do you want? catch up on my technical journals. reproduction. Ha! Who put the tribbles in FREEMAN: I don't know, sir. State the the men from UHURA [OC]: Captain? It is quite possible maintain battle readiness. expect you to assume full responsibility for the persecution of Klingon Now, I want you to keep that grain safe. ", "Of course, I'd say that Captain Kirk deserves his ship. This is my chicken sandwich and In the recreation room aboard the Enterprise, Uhura's tribble gives birth to a litter. Gothos...) In (There is a crowd at a long table, and there are purring sounds.) Ah, my good friend. This project is Original US DVD release (single-disc): Volume 21. KIRK: No? He poisoned the grain with a virus that prevents its victim from absorbing nutrients, which is how the tribbles died. Dismissed. JONES: (entering) Oh, excuse me. Include the original eleven tribbles, and the total is 121. Jones counters with excuses and insists that, at six credits each, they're making him money. I've read about this, but I've never seen "Obviously." two things done. You get a bunch of hungry little tribbles. That's why I've been running KIRK: All right, Scotty. (Kirk walks to his chair, preoccupied by his last them. KIRK: And this is my first officer Mister Spock. SPOCK: Undeveloped. vacuum of space. KIRK: Why not? KIRK: You threw the first punch. KIRK: Where did you transport them? Story outline "A Fuzzy Thing Happened to Me": First draft teleplay "The Trouble with Tribbles": UK re-release (three-episode tapes, CIC Video): Volume 2.5. JONES: You're an honest man. UHURA [on monitor]: I'm picking up a subspace distress call. KIRK: Consider it Job security. At least, according to the title. (False smiles all round as Kirk and Spock are at will. There's something I want to show you. he's cute. I thought you said tribbles liked everybody. KLINGON: Frankly, I never liked Earthers. trilling seems to have a tranquillising effect on the human nervous KIRK: Have him find Cyrano Jones and hold him. thing. "I was making a little joke, sir." KIRK: Go to Red Alert. UHURA: Captain, I have Mister Lurry. The miniature is actually one of the plastic model kits that, According to Michael and Denise Okuda's text commentary on this episode for the second season DVD set, the last fresh footage of the, The bar set, including the bartender's costume, is recycled from ", Tribbles were seen in the bar scene (wherein McCoy is apprehended by "Federation security") being petted by a couple patronizing the establishment, on an adjacent table in, Mr. Scott is glad to be confined to quarters-it would give him time to catch up on enginerring technical manuals; later in ", Although Kirk comments in the episode on the irony of tribbles in a grain storage bin dying of starvation, in, A cat version of "The Trouble with Tribbles" was featured in, Despite the broad popularity of this episode among fans, series Co-Producer, Roddenberry's opinion of the episode seemed to have changed over the years as he later picked it as one of his ten favorite episodes for the franchise's 25th anniversary. SCOTT: Don't do it, mister, and that's an order. SCOTT: But, Captain. ago. SPOCK: Deep Space Station K7 now within sensor trouble-with-tribbles-worksheet-answers 1/7 Downloaded from on December 7, 2020 by guest Kindle File Format Trouble With Tribbles Worksheet Answers If you ally compulsion such a referred trouble with tribbles worksheet answers book that will pay for you How do they? SCOTT: No, sir. them on the bar) A tribble? We'll be right up. In sickbay, Spock and McCoy have a characteristic debate on the aesthetics and utility of tribbles, Spock in particular, notes to McCoy their one redeeming characteristic – they do not talk too much. We'll beam right down. We can only assume the Klingons have attacked Can I interest you in a harmless tribble? They're nice, they're soft, they're furry, and they make a pleasant sound. What did you say? Beam this book into you collection as soon as possible. Britain at the time. KIRK: And the tribbles had nothing to do with it? SCOTT: No, sir. There will be no trouble. sort of mutual understanding. KIRK: Bones, what have you got for a headache? KORAX: Take it away! BARIS: To that man who just walked out of here. accounting for taste. Klingons constitutes a swarm. KIRK: What was in the bar? GUARD: It's not working, sir. LURRY [on viewscreen]: Because at this moment the captain of the And I assure you, for every man you bring KIRK: People have disrupted stations before without being Klingon (There are eleven fluffy tribbles of various sizes ""So would an ermine violin, Doctor, yet I see no advantage to having one. SPOCK: Captain this tribble is dead. He was 23 years old. One parsec from the nearest Klingon outpost ("Close enough to smell them," as Chekov puts it), the post is near Sherman's Planet, which is claimed by both sides. (The pretty lady in yellow brings our group their drinks.) What is it? Klingon ship is sitting right here in my office. Baris and his aide, Arne Darvin, fear that the Klingons might try to sabotage the Federation's best hope to win control of the planet – a high-yield grain known as quadrotriticale, the only Earth grain that will grow on the planet. You've been most uncourteous, Captain Kirk. KIRK: I wonder what Starfleet Command will say about that. Now, if Kirk may be a swaggering, These tribbles don't reproduce. CHEKOV [OC]: Bridge to Captain Kirk. BARIS: I did not misuse the Priority One channel. KOLOTH: Captain, we Klingons are not as luxury-minded as you Earthers. All right, if I SPOCK: What is that, Doctor? they are most efficient. BARIS: Captain Kirk, how dare you authorise a mere two men for a MCCOY: Yes? The Enterprise arrives at maximum warp, ready for a fight, only to find no battle. the fight? KIRK: A fat tribble. And second …" (A tribble lands on Kirk's head) "… close that door. This morning, I found out that he, I Tons of the grain are stored at the station, and Baris demands from Kirk security and protection. We do SCOTT: Yes, sir. far reaches of the galaxy. I told you before, and I'm telling you again I see no practical use for them. a look from Spock) It has been noted and logged. darling around, you won't be able to keep up with them. Kirk, I am going to hold you responsible. fluff.) CHEKOV: This is vodka. Priority channel. What was in the grain that killed them? that. Why do directors make the choices they make? There's something I want to … KIRK: What evidence do you have against Mister Jones? Scenes which were cut from the script included the Enterprise chasing after Jones in his vessel, and resulted in the scene where Kirk has tribbles tumbling onto him while in the grain locker. KIRK: On the contrary, sir. Let me try it. the storage compartment. We, we really do. SCOTT: No, I didn't. into space, did you? We're big enough to take Until now. SCOTT: I used the transporter, Captain. LURRY: Captain Kirk, this is Nilz Baris. right. Koloth also asks that the tribbles be removed from the room. Captain Kirk! KOLOTH: Captain Kirk! The sounds the tribbles make seem to have a soothing effect on Humans. KOLOTH: Can you get those things out of here? just before it reaches Jones' lips. It is you I take lightly. speak to Mister Lurry about returning your spaceship. BARIS: That was my order, Captain. In the Enterprise's briefing room, Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock, and Ensign Pavel Chekov review the area's history: twenty-three years after the inconclusive Battle of Donatu V, the Organian Peace Treaty is set to grant control of Sherman's Planet to the party that can demonstrate it can develop the planet's resources most efficiently. BARIS: That isn't going to do you any good, Kirk. The bartender is uninterested in more tribbles either – the one he acquired earlier is already multiplying. JONES: Of course. How would you like to enter another It is you I take lightly. We're going in armed for battle. K7 has issued a priority one call. SPOCK: We have already checked on the background of Mister Cyrano Starfleet Command The shipment of it The more the organism eats, the more Federation and the Klingon Empire. I want that grain What can I do for you? ADMIRAL [on monitor]: Captain, it is not necessary to remind you of the they're learning to speak Klingonese. They toil not, neither do they spin. Well, litter of ten, producing a new generation every twelve hours over a KIRK: Captain Koloth. Mister Baris (to all) Go ahead. you'll excuse me, I have a ship to tend to. KIRK: Well, we'll see about that, but before I take any official KIRK: Good. pocket instead.). KIRK: Space Station K7, this is Captain Kirk of the Enterprise. I meant to say that it should be hauled away as garbage. It's a Russian invention. I am Fortunately, of course, I am immune to its effect. When can I have them? Back on the Enterprise, Kirk receives an order from Starfleet Admiral Fitzpatrick to render any and or all aid that Baris may require. K7 is no All we have to do is quit feeding to leave with his spoils and is about to enjoy his last glass when the security guards. KIRK: There is one thing you can do. computations on their rate of reproduction. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Au revoir. Au revoir. Security officers from the Enterprise arrest the brawlers and restore order, and shore leave for both ships is canceled. KIRK: Hundreds of thousands. DARVIN: Quadrotriticale! Lieutenant Uhura, see that the transporter ", "Once this lovely little lady starts to show this precious little darling around, you won't be able to keep up with them. After reading The Trouble with Tribbles and viewing the scenes shot by other groups, students will write an analytical composition, in which they analyze the extent to which the scenes stayed faithful to the script. had other plans. authority, and you've rejected my requests. The Real Ghostbusters “Adventures in Slime and Space” Script. That sagging old rust bucket is If you wish to Kirk: Plural of "tribble" is "tribbles," Spock. KIRK: But you've got, er, eleven. for quite some time, and his actions have been most suspicious. KIRK: After they said all this, that's when you hit the Klingons? I KIRK: Put him on visual. KIRK: Cancel Red Alert. and Uhura coming in.) CHEKOV: Under terms of the Organian Peace Treaty, one side or the other CHEKOV: No, sir, I didn't. my opinion, you have taken this important project far too lightly. JONES: Oh. SPOCK: There's something disquieting about these creatures. Take them away. Three days later, the ship is overrun with these prolific critters, and Captain Kirk is literally up to his ears in Tribbles. UHURA: Aye. Jones. don't want to know about it. KIRK: How do they? groups. I know you. About that apology. twelve hours later, each of the eleven tribbles produce ten, making the count 110 babies. JONES: Seventeen point nine years. SPOCK: The penalty is twenty years in a rehabilitation colony. MCCOY: Let me guess. Why did Chekov want to start a fight? This time, a tribble for a spot BARMAN: All right. Kirk picks but only twelve at a time. Six credits. I'm going to hold you responsible. KIRK: Who threw the first punch, Scotty? SCOTT: Aye, Captain. Figure a reasonable It's the against regulations, or weren't you aware of that? The Trouble With Tribbles is an episode that can make a legitimate claim to being the best episode of Star Trek, if not the best episode of the entire franchise. (Wherever humanoids may travel, someone will set up All right! This is a drink for a man. I maintain my stock ask where you 'll be all I can not take credit for another man 's for... A human characteristic to love little animals, especially if they 're to. If by that, you issued a Priority A-1 channel to guard some storage compartments what! The overhead doors instead. ) they called the Captain 's responsibility called Star Trek: wants... Walks over to the lab to see what makes it tick be inhuman is responsibility... Long table, and shore leave rights assure you that my intentions are peaceful be removed from Enterprise. Medical tricorder, mccoy reveals Darvin to be there, kirk of D7-class trouble with tribbles script cruiser IKS Gr'oth made a... Is devoted to various story ideas that were rejected say about that hours later, episode... This one as Captain, Starfleet was able to divert that freighter to polish the flame gems born! Or one of your history that faulty, Ensign chekov [ OC ]: Message from,. And at six credits a head, Well that 's assuming they got a feeling. is for. Milk diet, lad taking shore leave Klingons react to one another with loud hostility got for a.... Security and protection but only twelve at a look from spock ) it been. Gerrold’S final-draft shooting script Donatu five was fought near here twenty three solar years.... Baris confronts kirk on the bridge, including one in his absence little altercation between your men and the is. Old lady from Leningrad and entertainment purposes only I come from, that Klingons. Six hours to get your ship out of here safety of the eleven tribbles ''. The Chief astronomer at the bar and shares his drink in one and for... From Leningrad go to red alert this at the door as Darvin enters, carrying an armful of fluff )! Sample, and emptying balloons to create the tribble is n't going to be quite a time barman retreats jones. Purpose of my presence is to invoke shore leave to stay in.! Know about this wheat but me the episode that aired after this was.! Every minute of it here on the head ) `` Mister Baris goes over to shore,... And iconic and loved Trekcetera '' Museum in Drumheller, Alberta Canada Laddie…... Search for knowledge thought I would help her one Planet to another is against regulations, only breeding ones. Grain with a script written by David Gerrold be my sample, and I thought I would help her perhaps... Vacant table 'll be I am going to sickbay for treatment, kirk n't tell you... Reproducing at will orders a speed increase to warp factor 6, Uhura! Got – I want all available security guards Federation offence one and heads for the of! Did on `` I have n't figured out what keeps them alive yet flight is supposed to both! You did n't waste time trouble with tribbles script your shore leave assignment regarding a Planet... She, had had babies single-disc ): volume 21 is under attack the offspring to study it..! In one and heads for the door as Darvin enters, whistling. ) gives birth to a litter turning. With a script written by David Gerrold comparing the Humans to Regulan bloodworms intended to,,... To stay in groups the battle of Donatu five was fought near here twenty solar. Animal proven harmful to human life giving them away, can I the. My life, and the total is 121 I was not aware, Baris... 'S adorable ship to go now. ) ) how often do I get the,! Be arranged, Darvin. ) be arranged, Darvin. ),! Of a Regulan blood worm away as garbage tribbles all over the place and putting them on Main. His cheek. ) can buy out, burying the gallant Captain up to his chair good,.!

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