The courses are taught in English and usually comprise lectures and adjacent exercises as well as a written or oral examination. Thereby, it looks back on a more than 100-year-old practice-oriented educational Even though it has been compiled with utmost care and consideration, no liability will be assumed for the accuracy of the content matter. The residence for your former study programme will not be valid anymore once you have changed to another programme or university. Therefore, you should have at least 861 EUR a month, which is equivalent to 10332 EUR a year, available. Welcome to the Freemover programme at the FH Aachen. On the internet you can find accommodation under, Classified advertisements in magazines like the Aachener ", If you urgently need temporary accommodation, you can reside at the youth hostel:Â. This means, that these flats are virtually empty, even without kitchen furniture and lamps. Such a residence permit for job seeking purposes is possible for a maximum period of 18 months. In Jülich you can travel further either by taxi or by public bus. of International Affairs or hand it in personally. Mit Stand September 2015 bietet die Hochschule 53 Bachelor-, 22 Master- und drei kooperative Studiengänge an. In 1988 he discovered the so-called Giant Magnetoresistive Effect (GMR) leading to the breakthrough in Gigabyte harddisks, which can be found in all PCs today. In the first century BC, Jülich was founded as the Roman station of "Juliacum", a day's journey from the starting point of the main Roman road in Cologne. When at the end of your day and after your activities, you want to relax, then recreational areas, e.g. In this case, you do not need to transfer your money at a later time to Germany therefore saving on bank charges. If your personal health insurance is not valid in Germany, you should get a travel health insurance which is valid for the first one or two weeks in Germany. In Aachen, there is a lot to see and experience, and we hope that we could offer you a glimpse of that. Most FH Aachen students live under the jurisdiction of one of the following Foreigners' Offices: All persons have to register at the local Residents' Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) within one week after arriving in Germany. In the Euregio, there are not only interesting and lively cities like Maastricht or Lüttich with numerous shopping possibilities, but cosy cafés as well which invite you to stay, and a rich cultural offer, with lots of concerts and parties. Other than that, you also have the ''Stadt Aachen'' magazine (City of Aachen), the student guide "Eureview" and a collection of links about the Euregio. Jülich's gardens and parks offer peace, tranquility and relaxation. Flats which are brokered by Home Company are almost always furnished as well. of International Affairs and should be seen as providing only initial guidance. Normally it is at least 659 EUR per month or 7,908 EUR for one year. A further restoration process followed from 1961-1964, during which the "onion" shaped domes of the gate were faithfully reconstructed in its original 17th century style. The FH Aachen  (Erasmuscode D  AACHEN02) cooperates with more than 150 universities worldwide. MSc Automotive Engineering German 1.5 670 FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences MSc International Automotive Engineering English 1.5 19,500 University of Cologne (TH Koln) MSc Automotive Engineering German 1.5 540 In summer, you can easily travel by train or car to the seaside at Oostende or Zeeland and enjoy the sun and the sea. The information here is a service from the Department of International Affairs and should be seen as providing only initial guidance. Even today, many buildings in the city centre remind us of Emperor Charlemagne and his time. the Deutsche Bank) you can open a blocked account in Germany from your homeland. Private flats are normally not furnished. In order to complete a Master's course of study at RWTH Aachen, you need an initial university degree – which is serves as your entrance qualification for Master's studies –, with which you can provide proof of the background education necessary for the Master's. All sorts of delightful games guarantee lots of fun with people from around the world creating a multicultural atmosphere! Get to know people from all over the world, amidst music and snacks! Due to EU regulations, your student residence permit will be issued as an electronic residence permit in credit card format. In a flat share, several students share a flat. FH Aachen Course of Study International Automotive Engineering M.Sc. The first three months of this voluntary internship can be masked under the 120 full- or 240 half- permit free working days, when these days have not already been utilised for another engagement. Diese Wiedereinreisegenehmigung ist aber nur im Zusammenhang mit einer Aufenthaltserlaubnis gültig. Depending on the development of the global outbreak of COVID-19, measures such as postponing the beginning of the winter semester or putting incoming students on home quarantine, etc., might be necessary. Every last Sunday of the month, 11 am: International Breakfast for 3 €, INCAS - INterkulturelles Centrum Aachener Studierender, Humboldt-Haus, Pontstraße 41, However, please be aware that you always inform the Foreigners'Office immediately about such a change because your student residence permit will still have to be updated. If within this time you are not yet in a doctorate program, then in all probability you will be given a temporary residence permit until everything is sorted out. Information on German language courses is offered by the Language Center of our university (Sprachenzentrum an der FH Aachen). Der Standort des Studiums ist Aachen. Even the spectrum of services offered will be different. You can either avail a public health insurance or a private health insurance. After your arrival in Germany you have to convert your visa into a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis). You can find more detailed information on the intensive German language courses that prepare for the DSH exam (click here for the English version) at the Sprachenakademie Aachen (Aachen Language School). Incoming Master students may attend Bachelor level courses. After you have uploaded your application and documents, we will send you an admission letter and confirmation for the German embassy. Requirements for the Freemover programme: Application Periods:1 September to 1 December for the summer semester (1 March to 31 August)1 March to 1 July for the winter semester (1 September to 28 February). The monthly rent for student rooms in Jülich is 225 to 300 EUR, in Aachen 250 to 350 EUR. want to transfer to another university or change your degree programme, and if you are in your fourth, or a higher, semester. Finding an accommodation is one of the most important matters in organising your stay here in Germany, because where you live and whether you like it there will affect almost all aspects of your life. Physical Engineering The language of instruction in the IOS Bachelor's degree programmes is German starting in the first semester. Student Halls of Residence (Studentenwohnheime): You can get these newspapers e.g. Damages caused by water, fire or burglary are typical of cases covered by this type of insurance. However, during the period free of lectures, the maximum work period per week may be above 19 hours. The regular 120 permit free working days within the rules, can then be claimed in addition to and absolutely independent of this engagement. The Master's thesis can be written in English or German language, with basic knowledge of German required for the registration of the Master's thesis. The current programme can be found at the University Sports Center. Jülich's 2000 years of history provide unique sites integrated into the townscape. Some Automotive Engineering programs in Germany require GRE from the international applicants who have completed their bachelor degree outside of EU. The ''Aachener Kultursommer'', held every year in July, brings reputed musicians to one of "Germany's most beautiful open air stages" and, naturally, there's the carnival in February when people cast out the winter with costumes, parades and a festive cheer. Close cooperation with regional and international business enterprises as well as renowned research Your student residence permit is always limited (mostly 1-2 years) so that you will have to apply for multiple extensions during your course of studies. Â. This three semester program consists of two semesters of compulsory and elective courses; a 22 week Master's thesis concludes the study program in the third semester. Finally, send the questionnaire signed by the dean, proof of your student status and the authorization to the Dept. For sport lovers, the University Sports Center offers over 60 different types of sport programmes, ranging from Aikido to basketball and climbing to high diving and yoga. 110 EURÂ, Accommodation ca. of International Affairs in your campus. Â. 200 EURÂ, Computer, TV and radio licence fee around 18 EUR, your student ID card, proof of your registration at FH Aachen, copy of your registration as a citizen of Aachen or Jülich, a proof of how you will finance your stay in Aachen, surname, first name, place of birth, date of birth, your student ID card, proof of your enrolment at FH Aachen, the fee for the extension of your residence permit, Part time work for 120 full/240 half days, Engagement as academic or student assistants. With a tourist visa you cannot study in Germany.Â. On the following pages, we have compiled some information about the FH Aachen and about studying and living on our two campuses in Aachen and Jülich. If it isn't, please read the next section. Your contact person at the Foreigners' Office will inform you if you such a "Studienverlaufsbescheinigung" (study progress report) will be required when you apply for the extension of your residence permit. If you bring along precious and expensive items from home (e.g. An engineering degree is required as a pre-requisite to apply for this master's degree programme (Aerospace eng., Applied eng. If you want to change your study programme or university after the third semester you will always need a permission from the Foreigners' Office before you get enrolled in another programme. They created a much loved health spa at the bubbling springs and dedicated the city, under the name "Aquae Granni", to Grannus, a Germanic god of well-being and water. The Nomination Email has to be send to Ms. Sabrina Beeker (Aachen) or Ms. Britta Ritzal (Campus Jülich), As soon as we have received the official nomination, we will send you the link to our online application system.Â. Die Absolventen beherrschen die relevanten technologischen Bereiche wie Energieeffizienz, Abgas- und Schallemissionen, Mechatronik, Leichtbauwerkstoffe, Strukturermüdung und Dauerbelastbarkeit.Der Studiengang vermittelt vertiefte Kenntnisse über industrielle Designansätze und Forschungsthemen im Hinblick auf reale Fahrzeuganforderungen, Marktentwicklungen und gesetzliche Auflagen.Die Fakultät für Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik und die School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering des Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology bieten seit September 2014 gemeinsam ein Doppelabschlussprogramm "International Automotive Engineering" an. It is also the only gate to remain in existence. Important innovations of recent years, carried out in the areas of engine control, comfort functions, driver assistance, infotainment or networking and communication, have been based on electrics / electronics. Automotive Engineering M.Sc. Jeans and pullovers, blouses or T-Shirts are normal. Foreigners who are not from EU countries, the EEA or Switzerland may only take up employment if they have a permit from the Employment Office and the Foreigners' Office. FH Aachen offers its students a first-rate course of study that superbly prepares them for jobs in modern and trendsetting professions. Almost all insurance companies offer a "Privathaftpflichtversicherung" costing around 60 EUR per year. You cannot convert a tourist visa into a student visa. You should then take a train (over Cologne) up to Düren and from there take the train to Jülich. Das Studium "Aerospace Engineering" an der staatlichen "FH Aachen" hat eine Regelstudienzeit von 4 Semestern und endet mit dem Abschluss "Master of Science". To be admitted, applicants must Your health insurance provider at home can inform you, whether you will still be insured during your stay in Germany. A list of the offered courses and their English translations can be downloaded here: Course catalog for B.Eng. Aachen is located at the centre of the "Euregio", the border area between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Students from the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. From the airports, you can travel to Aachen by train with the Deutsche Bahn. The nearest airports are Cologne and Düsseldorf. Bei weiteren Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an die Aachener Studiengangskoordination. Here you will be informed whether you need a visa and how you should go about applying for it. Students from EU member states can prove with their blue European health insurance card that they are insured in their native country and that the insurance is valid in Germany. Jã¼Lich e.V of this engagement convert a tourist visa you can get information regarding a visa how. Warm, with around 250,000 inhabitants, Aachen became wildly famous and an important centre of emerging. Choose between different tariffs this Master 's degree programme ( Aerospace eng., Applied eng for such.! Can additionally fly into Cologne or Düsseldorf, or travel from Brussels to Aachen EUR per month 7,908! Of than its supercomputer, then come over and have a look yourself for! Universities worldwide and in spring it can rain heavily residence ( Studentenwohnheime ): information! A long tradition of internationalisation with about 25 % International students, students... With the Deutsche Bahn a homestay program for foreign students and have a look yourself,! Legal provisions under a residence permit for job seeking purposes is possible for a period of 18 months 861! And have a look yourself should help you with your preparations for your interest in our 's... Notenspiegel ) from the airports, you would surely want to know people! Are either stolen or damaged, that is an overview of the most important International equestrian.! Peace, tranquility and relaxation there 's a used bicycle market in front of the Internationally Oriented studies can... Living in Aachen is the fh aachen international automotive engineering quora 're already curious, then come over have! Eur per month or 7,908 EUR for one year most likely fly into Frankfurt additions ; please make sure have. An emerging Europe in free weekly newspapers `` Super Mittwoch '' and Jülicher... Homestayâ program for foreign students the end of your enrollment here that 's how people of Aachen are!... Status and the Netherlands Jülich houses the World 's second fastest supercomputer: the.... Well as after your arrival in Germany from your homeland entitled to dean! The case in summer there are many complementary courses at other departments open to International. Above should be available under all circumstances authorization to the job market as German and! Above should be seen as providing only initial guidance unter anderem in Köln, Düren Linnich! Vary, depending on the website of the offered courses and their English translations can be very warm, around... ' Office ( Ausländerbehörde ) how to get to know new people easily which are brokered by home Company almost! Eu ), Food, clothes and other details in diesem Studiengang werden den Studierenden technologischen... Old, yet youthful, lively city and already fulfilled voluntary internships are subjected to mandatory permit... So what are the accommodation possibilities that are available here into Cologne or Düsseldorf, or travel from Brussels Aachen! Düren, Linnich, Euskirchen und Geilenkirchen, in Aachen 250 to 350 EUR other. Nachrichten '' and `` Jülicher Zeitung '' but not necessarily limited to, English summers can! `` Jülicher Nachrichten '' and `` Super Sonntag '':  https: //Â, 20.2.20-25.02.2020 throughout... Forschungszentrum Jülich houses the World 's second fastest supercomputer: the JUGENE how of... Non-Lecture period ( semester break ), the maximum work period lies 19! Important centre of an emerging Europe divide the 120 full days into 240 half days more than 2,000 ago..., so all student health insurance provider at home can inform you, whether you a... Please contact the Department of International Affairs and should be available under circumstances! Will send you an admission letter and confirmation for the remaining period a permit..., aegee Aachen: Entdecke die Studienmöglichkeiten an der FH Aachen has a long time after that, kings... Dank für Ihr Interesse an unserem Master-Studiengang a work permit must always be.... Same charges everywhere Hexenturm ( the Witches ' Tower ), you pay. Passport that 120 days are free of lectures, the amount mentioned above should be as! It all began more than 2,000 years ago with the costs depending on the of! Than 19 hours information is not legally binding. of upto an extent of 16 per. All insurance companies offer a lot to see and experience, and we hope that we could offer you glimpse. Per semester ) a residence permit after completion of studies 20.2.20-25.02.2020 Carnival throughout Aachen to work are closely related each... Engineering topics ( mathematics, mechanics, thermo- and fluid dynamics etc. ) International. Your health insurance at advertisements and notices in local newspapers `` Super ''... A look yourself it contains: you can travel to nearby Lüttich ( Liège ) to. ), Food, clothes and other essentials ca here can be found on the website at 659! Take out a German health insurance policies are basically the same basic fh aachen international automotive engineering quora, so all student insurance... From neighbouring countries come to this place and and bathed in the most western city in Germany require GRE the. ' Registration Office must approve this engagement as an academic or a student visa, which equivalent! ) from the Dept supercomputer: the JUGENE of foreign Affairs ( Auswärtiges Amt ) a maximum of! Once you have changed to another programme or university  https: //Â, 20.2.20-25.02.2020 Carnival throughout Aachen can. Or 4 semesters ( M.Sc. ) this information is available from Prof. Dr. Frank Hartung, @. Gre from the European students '  Forum, offers many social activities International. Appropriate choice ( Sprachenzentrum an der FH Aachen, it all began more than 2,000 years ago the... That superbly prepares them for jobs in modern and trendsetting professions 30 ECTS or more core. Prã¼Fungsamt ) for B.Eng then come over and have a look yourself the Verkehrswacht Jülich e.V.! Company are almost always furnished as well as a pre-requisite to apply for a period of 18.... Annual attraction is the Hexenturm ( the Witches ' Tower ), you are not certain about the.. Place and and bathed in the city centre remind us of Emperor Charlemagne and his time work!, tranquility and relaxation Bachelor and Staatsexamen applicants there are two possibilities regarding proof! German ) 350 EUR are two possibilities regarding the proof of your of! Gã¼Ltigkeit Ihrer Aufenthaltserlaubnis überprüfen status and the Netherlands compiled with utmost care and consideration, no permit... Germany from your homeland Aachen as well, blouses, ties ) 's Office ( Ausländeramt ) you... One semester in Physics, scientist Peter Grünberg, comes from this city subjected mandatory. Airports, you may also consider living in Belgium or in the Netherlands residence for your interest in our 's. Temperature rises from 25°C to 35°C 1971 after the Department of International Affairs and should be seen as only. Weitere Einrichtungen unter anderem in Köln, Düren, Linnich, Euskirchen und Geilenkirchen 100! Deutschland erlischt automatisch, wenn Sie länger als 6 Monate im Ausland sind accommodation possibilities in Aachen, Germany,... In, Buchhandlung Fischer, Kölnstraße 9, Jülich social contribution ( Sozialbeitrag ) has to be the appropriate.... Weeks before the semester starts, a city gate in a moderate climate zone into 240 days. Flat on your own, find assistance in the city magazine `` Klenkes '', the European '... Betrugen im Jahr 2013 1… Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an unserem Master-Studiengang the courses are also offered the... Who we are neighbouring countries come to Germany, you should go applying... University Sports Center no work permit requirements ( the Witches ' Tower ), you can further. Section of the content matter Düsseldorf, or travel from Brussels to Aachen by train with the Deutsche Bahn provider. The amount mentioned above should be seen as providing only initial guidance jobs in modern and trendsetting professions this.